Learn how to quickly attract readers for your PB, MG, or YA book on social media.


If you're like most authors, the logical place to start reaching your audience is with something familiar, like our beloved social media platforms.

When it’s time to promote your book, it can feel like you’re totally alone. Where do you even start?

Most authors start marketing through social media.

It makes sense! You’re already on it to share bits of your life with family and friends. So naturally, it’s the first place that you turn to to start find your readers.

But how do you make that shift from just messing around on social media for fun to using it professionally to promote your books?

And HOW? You’re a writer! Not a marketing expert. How do you even begin to build an audience?

Every day millions of readers discover their favorite new books on social media.


Is yours one of them?


That by reaching your audience using the simple 6-step Ultimate Social Media Jump Starter™️ framework that i’m about to share with you, you’ll also have the power to:


After years of helping picture book, middle grade, and young adult authors reach their audience, I’ve developed an easy-to-use process that works for…

The Result is…

An easy-to-follow, 6-Step Ultimate Social Media Jump Starter Framework that gives you a crystal clear, *can’t fail* roadmap for building an engaged audience of readers without wasting your precious writing time.

Here is



DISCOVER WHO WILL LOVE YOUR BOOK so you can draw in the readers who will rave non-stop about it.

CHOOSE THE BEST SOCIAL NETWORKS based on where your readers spend their time.


ESTABLISH AN AUTHOR BRAND that will get set you apart from the 1,000’s of other up-and-coming authors.

CREATE CONSISTENT BRANDING across all of your social media accounts to make it easy for readers, peers, and industry professionals to connect with you.

AUDIT YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA to ensure a trusted presence online no matter which platforms you use (or don’t).

INFLUENCE READERS’ AND PEERS’ PERCEPTIONS of your books through your author brand.


PLACE SIGNPOSTS ON YOUR OUTPOSTS to direct visitors to connect with you on your active social accounts.

DETERMINE WHICH SOCIAL MEDIA TO USE so that you can promote effectively while still saving most of your precious time for writing your next book.

HIGHLIGHT YOUR BOOK through pinned posts that engage visitors.


WRITE NEW SOCIAL MEDIA BIOS that highlight your experience and engage readers.

LEARN TO EXPRESS YOUR IDENTITY without needing to include a full resume of your roles.

MAKE YOUR BIO A USEFUL TOOL for persuading readers to read your books.

LEARN THE STRUCTURE OF AN ENGAGING POST to encourage readers and peers to get to know you and your books better.

CHOOSE THE BEST TIMES & DAYS to post so you can engage your followers when they are most active online.

FOLLOW THE 7 SOCIAL MEDIA POSTING GUIDELINES and get your fans bouncing off the walls in anticipation of your next release!


ENGAGE READERS AND GROW YOUR AUDIENCE  with loyal fans who will promote your books.

CREATE AN ENGAGEMENT STRATEGY that provides real value to readers to attract them even before you have a book available. 

ENCOURAGE READERS TO FOLLOW YOU off of social media in order to purchase your books.



The Ultimate Social Media Jump Starter is an online course that teaches you the fundamentals of social media book marketing—and it’s composed of 6 bite-sized lessons, homework, and downloadable worksheets.

In these short 15 minute lessons, you learn exactly how the best authors create their professional social media profiles, discover their audiences, and create interesting content that excites readers to buy their books.

And if you’re feeling anxious about this whole “marketing thing”, don’t worry. I’ll help you step-by-step, and you’ll be sharing those #bookstagram selfies in no time!

Plus, you get these


to take things to the next level
Rock Your Book Launch pdf

Rock Your Book Launch: 100+ Social Media Prompts for Your Launch and Pre-Launch Posts

What do you post on social media to build an audience when you aren’t published yet? How do you even begin to tell them about your story? How do you promote your book without appearing spammy and smarmy-car-salesman-awkward?

Let’s take the mystery out it!

This pdf is jampacked with 100+ social media prompts for both your Pre-Launch and Launch. These prompts ARE your social media plan. Engage readers, grow your audience, and launch your book into their waiting arms.

Best of Authors on Social Media: Over 50 Examples

When it’s time to reach out to your audience by posting on social media, jump start with this worksheet and you’ll never have to stare at a blank message box again. 

Study how the experts engage with their readers and peers online to build huge audiences of readers who adore every book they write.

This bonus is jam-packed with over 50 fantastic social media posts from some of your favorite authors. I’ve annotated each post with detailed explanations of how they engage readers, build relationships with their fellow authors, and promote their books with authenticity. 

Listen to What These Amazing Alumni Have to Say...


A Ridiculous, 30-Day “Try It, Test It, Apply It” Money Back Guarantee

30-Day Money Back Guarantee: I know your investment is precious and you want to receive maximum value for it—and I plan to deliver! I’m so confident that you will love Ultimate Social Media Jump Starter™️ that I offer a Money Back Guarantee.

If you are dissatisfied, I will refund your payment! You have 30 days from the time of purchase to request a refund. 



Asked by

Your fellow KidLit authors & illustrators before getting their access credentials to the Ultimate Social Media Jump Starter™️:

The Ultimate Social Media Jump Starter is an online course that teaches you the fundamentals of book marketing on social media. It’s 6 on-demand lessons +  chock full of step-by-step instructions for building your audience and marketing your books.

You can access the course content anytime, anywhere. This is a course you can take at your own pace.

Right now, during my special introductory period, the whole package is $27.

Here’s the thing — for under 30 bucks, you could buy that fancy-pants leather-bound notebook — even though you know there’s a good chance it’ll spend most of its life on top of your bookshelf, as blank as the day you bought it.

Or you could invest $27 in an easy-to-follow social media marketing plan (made just for kidlit and young adult writers) that shows you EXACTLY how to create a professional author presence on social media while still being your authentic self.

Investing in yourself and your writing is a huge part of pushing your author career forward—and continuing to grow in a direction that will ultimately lead to more book book reviews from readers and more book deals from publishers.

Especially once you have found the right book marketing strategy for YOU. 

I created this course with the intent that you can revisit it from today through the rest of your career. That’s why you get lifetime access.

If you have fears around money or need help figuring out payments, please contact me and we can walk through it.

Sometimes it’s just fear. Sometimes it’s just not feasible. We can figure it out!

I work with students of ALL levels, from the most marketing-phobic to the super-skilled. I break down the lessons to make all of the content clear and easy for you to implement. 

The Ultimate Social Media Jump Starter was created for published AND pre-published children’s book writers. In the course, I cover the book marketing you need for every style of book from board books through young adult novels. It doesn’t matter where you are in your publishing journey. 

Look, you might have a bestseller on your hands. But how well your book is marketed has a direct impact on how well your book sells. And the success of your book is directly tied to your ability to attract readers.

The Ultimate Social Media Jump Starter is broken down into 6 mini-lessons.

In its entirety, the course is approximately 90 minutes. If you have time to browse the news feed while you sip your morning chai latté, then you will easily plow through this. 💪

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

After you enroll, you get access to EVERY CHANGE I EVER make and upload to the course, forever.

And not only that, any updates I make to the bonuses you get (as part of this limited-time enrollment period) will be yours as well! (These bonuses won’t last forever!)

Yes, the Ultimate Social Media Jump Starter comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied, please first give me a chance to fix the issue. If that doesn’t work, I’ll give you a full refund, no hard feelings!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee: I know your investment is precious and you want to receive maximum value for it—and I plan to deliver! I’m so confident that you will love the Ultimate Social Media Jump Starter that I offer a Money Back Guarantee.

If you are dissatisfied, I will refund your payment! You have 30 days from the time of purchase to request a refund.

If you’ve read all the way to the bottom of this page? You’re ready. Take my hand and let the learning begin. 

XO your new bestie,

If you have more questions or want to know if this is for you, shoot me a message using the chat box in the bottom corner or send me an email at colleen@wildinkmarketing.com.

So… Whose book will readers be discovering online tomorrow?

Remember that critical question we began this whole conversation with? You now have the power to answer it with total confidence.

Because when you sign up for Ultimate Social Media Jump Starter™️ and start putting the 6 proven steps to work, your social brand becomes a magnet that attracts your best readers every single day, and prepares them to be happy, lifelong fans.

Please excuse the cliché…


The only thing you risk right now is spending another second marketing your book without a strategic, easy-to-execute audience building system. One that leverages all the modern, “what’s working now” strategies, and takes you by the hand to execute them with confidence and precision.

If you’re ready to wake up tomorrow and…

Then I can’t wait to meet you inside the Ultimate Social Media Jump Starter™️!

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