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Your website is all about YOU & your books. But unless you are Mary Poppins, talking about yourself is AWKWARD.

Remember dreaming of your first author website? It was going to be beautiful, exciting, and make you look like a legit bestseller in no time. So you spend hours scouring the web, soaking in as much info as you can about starting a website. Then it hits you, typically when you’re knee-deep in an article about something called SEO that you realize… you’re simply procrastinating. Again.

Writer’s block, procrastination, analysis paralysis — Whatever you call it, at the end of the day, you’re stuck with the same thing: The dreaded blank page

If you’ve ever tried writing an author bio from scratch, you know how challenging it is slimming down your personal story into something brief, interesting, and exciting. How do you shift from just messing around with the design to using great content that actively engages visitors, sells your books, and builds a loyal fanbase? You’re a book writer, not a copywriter! 

You just want to scream, “WHY CAN’T SOMEONE DO THIS FOR ME?!”

Imagine, freeing up that entire workload and channeling your creative energy into what truly matters right now: writing your next book.

Does this sound familiar?


The Complete Templates for Every Page of Your Author Website

For All Writers: Published & Pre-Published

What's Inside


Tell Your Story Templates is your complete guide to writing every page of your author website. It is packed with fill-in-the-blank templates so you can mad-libs your way through each page, resulting in a website that is polished and professional.

Including scripts for both published AND pre-published writers, you can fill out your web content at any stage of your journey (and update it as your career grows). There are also alternative Serious and Spicy versions. With these templates, you’ll be presenting yourself in the best light. 

And with a guide this simple, it’s never been easier to engage readers, grow your audience, and get your book into their waiting arms.


With these templates, you can mad-libs your way to a professional author website, no matter where you are in your author journey! Scripts include templates for both pre-published and published writers.


About & Author Bio Templates
No one likes writing about themselves… at first. This guide will take you from “staring at a blank page for 10 minutes” to “Hey, that only took 10 minutes!”


Speaking / School Visits Templates
Whether you’re a professional keynoter or newbie – you want to get out there and spread your message in real life or virtually. A “speaking” page provides visitors will all the information they need to invite you to speak.


Press Kit Template
Want media attention for your books? Yes, of course you do!

Make it easy for the press to reach out and feature you. Your press page should share your media kit, instructions for contacting you, and a list (and links!) to everywhere you’ve been featured.


Extras / Resources Template
Readers and educators love to get the behind-the-scenes of their favorite books. Keep fans engaged by sharing deleted scenes, teachers’ guides, activities for kids, or your research in the “Extras” page.


Newsletter Signup Templates
As a well-known industry secret, an author’s newsletter is one of the best tools for building a loyal fanbase. Use this page to grow your newsletter list.


Contact Templates
If you want to book events or interviews, you need a way for visitors to contact you. Includes extra template options for side hustles like editing services and art commissions. 

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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: I know your investment is precious and you want to receive maximum value for it—and I plan to deliver! I’m so confident that you will love Tell Your Story Templates that I offer a money-back guarantee.

If you are dissatisfied, I will refund your payment! You have 30 days from the time of purchase to request a refund. Just shoot me an email at to get your refund.


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Hi! My name is Colleen 👋

Every day, I help authors build their life-long careers through book marketing at Wild Ink. I’ve helped over 1,000 writers and illustrators build their fanbase and sell books.

With over a decade of experience in marketing, I teach authors how to use their passion to market their books with the readers who seeking those stories. Together, we walk step-by-step through book marketing campaigns, branding, author or illustrator platforms, media training, and book launches.

As a writer myself, I understand the challenges of balancing the art of writing with the business of selling books. Young adult and adult fantasy, mystery, and heist fiction is my jam, but I also freelance for magazines. I’m Co-Regional Advisor for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) San Francisco North & East Bay and a committee member of the Bay Area Women in Publishing (BAWiP).

Great book marketing can not only sell more books, but it can also line you up for opportunities that can change a writer’s career. I’m personally invested in your success. Together, we can give your books the attention and adoration they deserve.

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Tell Your Story Templates guide you through the most important pages your author website needs. It includes templates + extras for your About Page, Author Bio, Speaker / School Visits Page, Media Kit for the Press, Extras / Resources for Readers & Educators, Newsletter Signup Page, Contact Page, and more.

This printable PDF contains mad-libs style templates so you can fill-in-the-blank to create professional website content that charms visitors with a splash of your personality!

Right now, during my special introductory period, the whole package is $13.98.

Here’s the thing — for under 15 bucks, you could buy that fancy-pants leather-bound notebook — even though you know there’s a good chance it’ll spend most of its life on top of your bookshelf, as blank as the day you bought it.

Or you could invest $13.98 in a collection of pre-written scripts (made exclusively for authors) that provide you with the EXACT copy you need to fill your website with content that impresses, charms, and engages readers, press, and publishing professionals.

Yes, the Tell Your Story Templates comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied, please first give me a chance to fix the issue. If that doesn’t work, I’ll give you a full refund, no hard feelings!

The Tell Your Story Templates were created specifically to SAVE you time. Depending on how long it takes you to fill-in-the-blank, it typically takes between 30-60 mins to completely revamp the entire content of your website.

You get access to EVERY UPDATE I ever make to the Tell Your Story Templates, forever. You’ll also get any updates to the included bonuses as well! 

YES! The Tell Your Story Templates include prewritten scripts for every writer. Whether you are already big name bestseller or finishing your first manuscript, you will find a template that suits your needs.

And if your situation is so unique that it’s not quite covered, email me at, and I’ll create an adjustment to tailor it to you.

How does lifetime access sound?

You will have unlimited access to Tell Your Story Templates, all future updates, and the bonuses for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

I know it’s weird out here on the internet. You’re behind your screen; I’m behind mine. We haven’t met yet! How do you know I’m real and not a tiger in the Oakland Zoo trying to steal your information? Well, email me! Ask me anything you like at and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

While you and I might not be well-acquainted yet, I’ve coached over 1000 authors on book marketing. You can read about their experiences in the testimonials above.

On the 💸 end: All of your information is SAFE. You can pay via PayPal or through debit / credit card, but either way, I never see your payment information. I use one of the best payment gateways available: Stripe which fully encrypts and secures 🔒 every purchase.

Finally, your privacy is important to me. I swear *on my stack 📚 of Judy Blumes* to never share your private information (including e-mail addresses).

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