Don't let your fear stop readers from discovering your book baby.

Do you remember that thrill of anticipation? Finding a new book tucked away on the library shelves, clutching it to your chest, eager to curl up at home and dive into a new world?

It’s called Discoverability

Get Discovered

Whether you’re launching your debut novel,
booking a speaking gig at that LA conference,
or writing the sequel (now with dragons!),
one thing’s for sure:
The secret to getting your book discovered?
Is a badass marketing strategy.

Introducing Personal Coaching

You could spend YEARS researching how to create the perfect Instagram post, build an email list of devoted fans, and write a guest post that drives readers to purchase your book. But effective author marketing doesn’t require you to spend days in front of a computer. Why waste your writing time? 

What you need is a guide to walk you step-by-step from total noob to marketing maven. 

I’ll teach you the tactics that work.

Who's it for?

If you’re already deftly selling books by hand left and right…
Enjoying a Twitter chat with your rabid fanbase…
AND sipping wine in the poolside cabana with your favorite authors #NYTimesBFFsForeva

CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve made it! Bask in your personal spotlight.

But if that’s not you (yet), let’s talk!

Schedule a FREE one hour call with me to discuss ideas for marketing your books.

Turn Your Writing into Your Career

The 3 Myths of Author Marketing

myth #1

If my book is any good, it will sell itself.

Publishing is not a meritocracy. Shit gets published. But so do the books that leave you draped across your bed equal parts thrilled and devastated, checking Twitter to see if they’re ever going to make a movie out of it.

Plenty of devastatingly good books don’t sell well. Why? Because their readers never found them.

For your book to sell, people need to hear about it. Which means someone *ahem* YOU need to talk about it. And with the right tools and game plan, you can.

myth #2

The publisher will do most of my marketing.

Does your publisher want you to succeed? Hell yeah. But that doesn’t mean they’re going to drown you in marketing dolla dolla bills y’all.

Publishers are investors. With each book, they take a risk. Which is why they spread their marketing budget over 100-200 books each year.

Don’t stack all your hopes and dreams on your publisher’s marketing team. YOU are the best chance for your books’ success. 

myth #3

Selling books feels smarmy as a used-car salesman.

Have you even met a used-car salesman? Wow. Judgmental much?

What about a smarmy bookstore owner? Or a pushy librarian who’s adding 6 more books to the top of your pile? 

The key to books sales is PASSION. You fell in love with your characters, your world, your story… Sharing your passion for the story you created is the core principle of effective book marketing.  

Learn how the bestsellers do it.

it's all in the details

We'll create a custom game plan tailored to your #writerslife.

We’ll start with a one hour complimentary phone consult, so you can determine if this is a good fit for YOU.

  • 1 hour coaching calls each week to work through your goals
  • A personalized marketing plan fits your lifestyle.
  • Unlimited LIFETIME access to me via email to answer all your marketing questions.
  • Review your current outreach & platform to discover your readers 
  • Update social media
  • Social Media Training
  • Create editorial calendar
  • Setup technical
  • Create Welcome Series
  • Build your email list from scratch
  • Content Creation
  • Prepare for your interviews
  • Create a Press Kit that gets you invited on-air
  • Learn how to find the right publications to reach YOUR audience
  • + Templates for writing your pitch emails
  • Interview coaching
  • Learn the secrets of successful author collaboration
  • Understand how to track the results of your marketing efforts to focus your strategy around stuff that works. 
  • Learn the 5 tricks for growing your newsletter subscribers every month forever.
  • Make your creativity go the extra mile by repurposing your content across mediums.

The Result Is…

An personalized *can't fail* marketing roadmap for creating your author brand, finding your audience, and building your fanbase. So that you can spend less time 'selling' your books and more time writing the sequel.

Turn Your Writing into Your Career