If you’ve asked yourself questions like…

  • How will readers discover my book?
  • How do you book an interview?
  • How do I convert newsletter readers to book buyers?
  • What is an editorial calendar?
  • Who are my readers?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Wild Ink, you’ll find pro marketing tips that you can implement right now. I also share exclusive advice, an online community for authors, and access to our monthly Drink & Learn with my email subscribers.

Readers are eager to get their hands on your fresh ink. (Mmm. Smell those pages.) And you want a career. Which is why I focus on the whole package: from building your brand to the data of discoverability. 

Who is behind Wild Ink Marketing?

Hi! I’m Colleen. 

I’m a nerd for both the analytical and creative aspects of marketing. After years of promoting other people’s businesses, I followed my passion to coach authors on how to build their careers and sell more books through effective (& fun), data-driven marketing.

Roadtripper, cliff jumper, skydiver, & former roller derby girl… I firmly believe in plunging headfirst into your fears, and I will try just about anything once. Want to go on an adventure?

Currently living in: Wisconsin, London, Huntington Beach, New York City, New Jersey, Oakland!

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